Avoiding Volunteer Burnout

Tiffany Deluccia on top problems churches have when trying to build a volunteer force:

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your nursery workers look…irritated. They had a passion for ministering to young parents by providing a safe and nurturing environment for their little ones, but that fire is gone. They’ve been doing this too long. They only rotate off one Sunday a month. They’re sick of kids. They seem sick of church. The burnout is outpacing the new sign-ups.

Or this: The care ministry team can’t get off the ground. You want to empower your church members to do ministry themselves, to pray for and encourage people in need each week. But the plea for volunteers during a Sunday morning service hasn’t yielded names on the clipboard in the lobby. You feel a little stuck.

While far from exhaustive, these two examples hit on a few of the top problems churches have when trying to build a volunteer force.

How do you move the needle in this arena? Start by evaluating your church on these three points.

1) Are you creatively and consistently sharing how volunteer roles help the church accomplish its vision?

People want to be a part of something big! They want to know their time and energy and commitment is advancing the Kingdom. It’s your job to show them that it is. What creative method have you used lately in your quest for new volunteers?

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