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Why do One-Third of Pastors’ Kids Drop Out of Church?

What do Rick Warren, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson have in common? They’re all pastors’ kids. A fascinating new study of children of the clergy is making news today, with some remarkable insights for us all.

You’ve probably heard of the stereotypical prodigal pastor’s kid who was raised in the church but wants nothing to do with God today. Actually, only seven percent of pastor’s kids no longer consider themselves to be Christians. This is below average: nine percent of their peers would say the same. Southern Baptist and other evangelical pastors’ kids are even less likely to reject the faith, at three and two percent, respectively.

However, 33 percent of pastors’ kids are no longer actively involved in church. Pastors account for this fact in a variety of ways: unrealistic expectations placed on their children by others and exposure to negative aspects of church life head the list. While only five percent “wish they had given their children more Bible teaching,” 42 percent “wish they had spent more time with their children.”

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