Creating a Thriving Tech Team

Cade Young, the creator of Collaborate Worship, and Chad Kirkpatrick from Ascension Worship discuss creating a thriving team. Many leaders often feel like they are doing all the work while their team is doing the bare minimum. This can lead to resentment and burnout. To avoid this, it’s crucial for leaders to delegate tasks and responsibilities to their team members.

Delegating not only creates less work for the leader but also provides opportunities for team members to learn and develop new skills. This fosters a thriving environment where everyone operates in their gifts. Leaders should be mindful of the time of others and encourage them to find answers themselves before seeking help.

At times, leaders may need to ask guiding questions that allow team members to figure out answers on their own. This approach helps people learn more deeply and makes them more confident in their abilities.

One way leaders can better equip their teams is by utilizing available technology for training purposes. For example, using virtual sound checks can prepare audio technicians for Sunday services without the pressure of a live audience.

Bottom Line: Creating a thriving team involves delegating tasks, encouraging team members to problem-solve independently, and providing adequate training opportunities in order for everyone on the team to succeed.


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