Redman: Tips for Cowriting and Recording

Matt McCoy interviews worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman about his journey in worship leading, songwriting and thoughts on his new album ‘Lamb of God.’ Matt shares his early inspiration from Vineyard music and how encountering intimate worship changed his perspective. He discusses the importance of learning from others, collaborating with a diverse range of fellow artists, and embracing variety in his craft.

Matt opens up about the personal side of his life as well – juggling family duties with five children, balancing daily admin tasks, staying connected to different church streams, playing pickleball for fun, and remaining passionate about writing songs that carry a meaningful message for congregations.

‘Lamb of God’ showcases notable collaborations such as David Funk and Matt Maher. It also features beautiful artwork representing the centrality of the cross – a key theme throughout the album. From revisiting an old classic like “Heart of Worship” to highlights like “Suffering Song” which capture the heart of God’s empathy towards human suffering, Redman is excited for people to hear these songs and watch them come alive during worship gatherings.

Comparing ‘Lamb of God’ to earlier albums like ’10 000 Reasons,’ Redman emphasizes that it’s now more acceptable to write hymn-like worship songs with deeper lyrics exploring faith’s richness. Ultimately, he hopes listeners will find solace in these new compositions while cultivating their own unique expressions in praise and worship.


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