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Creating An Effective Worship Set

Tinashe Nyamukapa offers a basic checklist for set planning:

As worship leaders our desire should be always to deliver to the people of God that which he has on his heart. Jesus says I always do what I see my Father doing. We have to have insight and be constantly in fellowship with God so that in any church service we deliver what is relevant and effective. Here are some things to consider


We minister to different congregations that have different preferences and likes. It does not work to have a list of jazzy songs when your congregation is used to rock or to have a list of Hillsong songs when your congregation does not even know them. You have to be relevant.


A worship list is just like a meal. The more ingredients you have at your disposal the better the meal you can prepare. I find that the greatest worship leaders are those who listen wide and can create an assortment of songs that will create a worship experience in a service. Listening to a lot of songs will teach you how others lead worship ( give you the recipe so to speak ) and enables you to do medleys as well. Those worship leaders who do not listen to a lot of songs will always have the same boring list every time that does not minister to the congregation and does not lead into the presence.

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