Getting Burned in a Church: Worse Than Burnout

Katie Strandlund talks about how you can live through getting burned and not lose your faith.

Getting burnt out while working in a church is bad enough, but getting burned is a horrible experience.

Transition is natural in our work, but when it happens in churches the result is often relational explosions that hurt people in their wake. These situations can get downright ugly. So how do you live through getting burned and not lose your faith?

Four years ago, I was asking myself that very question. Fresh out of college, I had agreed to move a few hours away from home to help my longtime pastor start a new church.

Two years into the experience, I was burned out and knew my time in that particular ministry had come to an end. It was my choice to leave, but the transition process was out of my control. It left me feeling used, pushed out, unappreciated and hurt.

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