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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mars Hill Music?

Adam Dolhanyk muses about the demise of a worship record label.

Recently, you might’ve have seen, or heard or read about the troubles at Mars Hill Church and with their Pastor, Mark Driscoll.

The question was put to me in regards to all of this: what do we do with the songs? What about the Mars Hill Music bands like Citizens and Saints or Kings K who’ve become popular with many worship leaders in recent years?

While I hope to address these questions, I think it kind of misses the point. Do you know where the songs you sing come from? Do you know what the implications of singing a song is? Or what the implications of promoting a worship leader are? Is Mars Hill Church the only church I need to be concerned about?


Pastor Mark is far from the only well known pastor with troubles brewing. In fact, this very morning I read about accusations that are 100 times more serious being made against Pastor Brian Huston, the founder the Hillsong Churches. There has been a certain amount of scandal around Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick, and the more I read and hear about the theology and practice of Bethel church (from where Jesus Culture comes) I’m concerned.

So, while I am in no way comparing the charges against Brian Huston with my doctrinal disagreements with the folks at Bethel, my point is that Mars Hill is far from the only church with storm clouds overhead. Yet, I haven’t heard anyone asking “what do we do with Mighty to Save or One Thing Remains?”

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