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Grammar Rules for Worship Slides

Nate Ragan talks about proper formatting on your slides:

It’s often assumed that the ministry of onscreen multimedia in a church is merely a task of sharing information. Announcements, sermon points, song lyrics—make them large enough to read, spellcheck your work and, if possible, make it look pretty. But what if there’s something more? A deeper calling we’ve been given to tell a better story?

As a visual worship leader, I see the role of delivering onscreen multimedia similar to the role of other worship leaders or teaching pastors. We’re helping to shape a communal experience where we share God’s story in creative, multisensory ways that impact us in body, mind and soul. We are the sacred visual artists of our day, echoing the role played by cave carvings, stained-glass windows, icons and tapestries, revealing the story of our faith to both the seeker and the learned.

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