Gungor Rattles Christian World With Revelation That They Don’t Believe the Bible Literally


The Christian music world has been abuzz in recent days about the unorthodox theology of celebrated Dove-award winning musical artists Michael and Lisa Gungor, known for popular worship songs like “Dry Bones” and “Beautiful Things.”

Citing an interview in the Oakland Press, World Magazine noted that Michael Gungor, 33, revealed that he lost his “metaphysic” in 2012. The pastor’s son from Wisconsin, according to World Magazine, also reflects his departure from traditional Christianity on his band’s 2013 album, I Am Mountain.

The Gungors, however, have never really concealed their evolving theological position. In a blog post titled “What Do We Believe” in February, the couple asserted that they simply no longer literally believed in stories from the Bible on such topics as creation and the flood.

“Over the last year, I have had so many questions asked of me about what I believe. Just tonight I had a conversation with someone extremely close to me that said that he wouldn’t consider me a Christian anymore,” explained Gungor in the post.

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