Rick Warren Credits ‘Jesus Model of Discipleship’ for Saddleback’s Growth


Rick Warren and David Tamez, leader of Spanish initiatives at Saddleback Church at the LiderVision conference in Los Angeles.

Having a large church does not matter unless people are being discipled and growing with a purpose, said Rick Warren during a Hispanic pastor’s conference, LiderVision, in Los Angeles Friday.

Warren, whose Saddleback Church boasts nearly 25,000 people, says having a mass following only counts if the church pastor has the right purpose and process and if they are the right person to lead.

“I’m not impressed with crowds, because a crowd is not a church. I’m not against crowds but you only turn them into a church if you have a process,” he said.

Warren’s message focused on the importance of implementing a structured process for church members to transition from being nonbelievers to believers, then maturing as Christians in order to develop their ministries.

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