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How Does Your Service Rate? Take The 15-Point Church Service Review

How does your service rate? I’ve visited different churches this year and found myself analyzing the audio aspects the minute I walk in the door. I’m not talking just the mix. Today, I’m listing out the 15 points I check. Review your last service against this list.


1. Does the tech booth look chaotic five minutes before the service? Is anyone in the booth five minutes before the service?

Last minute stuff comes up but it shouldn’t come up before EVERY service.

2. Right before the service, is anyone doing production work on the stage?

When people start filling the sanctuary, they should feel the church is ready for them.

3. Could the stage be cleaner?

A messy stage can be a distraction for some people.

4. Is the pastor fumbling with the wireless pack before the service?

The pastor should be comfortable handling their own microphone. If they aren’t, they need a short training or someone to help them with it.

5. Are the speakers in a good location?

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