Chris Vacher

Hum Songwriting App Review

Every photographer will tell you the best camera is the one you have.

Every songwriter will tell you the best way to capture songs is the device you have. For most songwriters that’s an iPhone and that has meant a jumble of different apps in the songwriting process – Notes, Voice Memos, Evernote, etc.

Hum has changed all that.

Hum is a beautiful all-in-one app for songwriters that pulls together lyrics, melody, notes and high level song data which is catalogued and searchable.

My journey with Hum started when I backed them on Kickstarter about a year ago. Even though their fundraising seemed to be going well they cancelled the pledges on Kickstarter and decided to go the traditional route of producing the app and having customers buy once it was live.

I was more than happy to be a paying customer and my love for this app has grown since it was released.

Over the last year Hum has become an integral part of my songwriting process and it does exactly what it promises to do. By giving me one place to write, record and take notes on song ideas there’s no longer any need to be jumping back and forth between several apps while I’m writing.

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