In Defense of Modern Worship Style

Tired of hearing critics bash modern worship music as simplistic and repetitive? Here’s a fresh perspective that may surprise you.

The author tackles the common complaint that “every hit worship song sounds the same” head on. But rather than just defending the genre, they dive deeper into the core reasons behind the similarities.

You’ll discover how the musical hallmarks of modern worship – simple chord progressions, syncopated rhythms, repeated sections – are actually derived from its folk and pop origins. Far from flaws, the author argues these elements are designed for congregational accessibility and engagement.

Bring up the oft-repeated claim that worship music is too repetitive, and you may be shocked by the familiar hymns and classic songs that could be indicted on the same charges.

From exploring the principles of “musical style” to breaking down song forms, this article takes you on an insightful journey. You’ll gain new appreciation for the intentionality behind modern worship’s musical choices.

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