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The Lifecycle of a Worship Song

Everything has a lifecycle. You. Me. Our churches. The TV shows we watch. The brand of cereal we eat. Even the catch-phrase epic fail, which many teenager have already stopped saying, but adults are just now picking up on it (and will say for the next eleven years).

Our worship songs are no exception. They are born. They grow. They die. Or at least fade to near obscurity.

We need to pay attention to how this lifecycle progresses in our churches. It’ll be different for every church. But in every church, songs have a shelf life. We can’t let them sit too long.

We could do fairly scientific measurement of the lifecycle of a song by using CCLI charting stats. But there are two issues. One issue: I’m too ADHD for that kind of research. But the most important issue: CCLI numbers aren’t your numbers. They take into account what a bazillion other churches are doing. Case in point: is “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” in your top 25? (As of this writing, it’s barely hanging on at #24 on the CCLI charts).

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