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When Are You Too Old to Lead Worship?

David Santistevan on your best role for the glory of God and the good of the church.

There comes a time in everyone’s life that no one looks forward to.

That time where the train takes off. Life moves at deafening speeds. Where at one point you were on the front lines of ministry, it seems you’re now being replaced with younger people.

You’re struggling to keep up. You’re getting older.

“Getting older” is sneaky, isn’t it? When you were a kid, life was slow – full of possibility, dreams, and big visions.

Now, you find yourself saying, “It’s my birthday…again?”

It can be a scary time. You don’t learn as fast. Your hearing is getting worse. Your style is no longer cool. You don’t know how to strum the guitar like those kids.

Are You Too Old?
Are you too old to lead worship? This is a very common question but I believe it’s the wrong question.

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