3 Beliefs Holding You Back From Becoming A Digital Outreach Leader

Is your church staff stuck in their ways, rejecting social media and digital outreach as a “waste of time”? Tired of hearing the same lame excuses for avoiding platforms that could revitalize your community? This brutally honest article takes a sledgehammer to the 3 biggest limiting beliefs crippling churches from digital success.

First up, the notion that “social media doesn’t work” for ministry. Yeah, right! You’ll discover how this defeatist attitude ignores overwhelming evidence of churches thriving and growing online. From boosting visibility and engagement to reaching untapped younger audiences, you can’t afford to sideline these modern tools.

Next is the “time suck” myth – that maintaining an active social presence requires hours of frantic posting and monitoring. Not true! You’ll learn a simple, manageable daily routine that’ll have you consistently reaching your flock without burning out.

Finally, it’s time to drop the belief that digital skills are too “complicated” and impossible to master. This mindset is pure fear-mongering! Tackling the basics opens up endless creative potential for digital evangelism and connection.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and finally break through to the digital age, this article is a must-read wake-up call. No more dismissing transformative opportunities as “fads” or writing off entire generations slipping through the cracks of outdated methods. Dive in. Embrace the future of church outreach and growth!

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