The Time You Have To Lead Worship Is Enough

For worship leaders lamenting the short time allotted for worship, here’s some encouragement: Even if you only have 2 minutes for a chorus, 5 minutes for a hymn, or 20 minutes for a full set, it can be enough.

Author Dan Wilt has led 3-hour extended worship times, which are beautiful for allowing hearts to become tender and open to the Holy Spirit’s work. However, the heart and passion you bring can shine through in any timeframe.

Wilt recalls a worship leader who powerfully engaged the room with just one familiar chorus because of her passionate, worshipful heart. The key is making the most of each moment by cultivating your own heart before stepping on stage.

You are a servant, not a producer or star. Embrace the time you’re given, whether long or short, by asking God for grace to serve that moment well. When you lead with your whole heart, even one song can be enough to open people’s hearts to Jesus.

The encouragement is to be at peace with the constraints, lead wholeheartedly within them, and trust that your heart postured towards worship can make any amount of time “enough” for connecting people with God.

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