Senior Pastor: How To Lead Your Disorganized Worship Pastor

Does your worship leader consistently drop the ball on administrative tasks? Struggle with being on time for meetings and appointments? Get lost for hours obsessing over minute creative details?

If you’re constantly battling the brilliant-but-scattered tendencies of your artistically-gifted worship pastor, you need to read this insightful guide. It dives deep into proven strategies for effectively leading these brilliant-yet-disorganized creatives.

You’ll learn how to:

• Fight the right battles and identify keystones habits for change
• Give clear, direct feedback without crushing their artistic soul
• Establish much-needed boundaries while allowing creative flow
• Instill the power of systems (that they’re likely allergic to)
• Nurture the leader trapped within the artist
• Develop discipline through internal motivation

Plus get tips on killing perfectionism, aligning mismatched visions, and handling their unconventional communication styles.

Leading a talented-but-scattered worship leader requires a deft hand. This detailed playbook equips you with relatable examples and practical strategies to bring out the best in your creative worship pastor – both artistically and administratively.

Intrigued? Then don’t miss out on discovering how to unlock the full potential of your disorganized creative genius!

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