How To Build A Worship Team

If you’re a part of a new church plant or a small church, it can be tough to build a worship team. Finding volunteers and having consistency can be a challenge. Artist and worship leader Patrick Mayberry joins Matt McCoy to talk about how to build a worship team.

A Simple Checklist for Healthy Worship

A little like a check-up with your Doctor, we know it’s worth stopping once a year or so to check the health of the music we bring to our church family for worship.

7 Ways To Evaluate This Past Weekend’s Worship Service

Too often, we spend little time evaluating our worship service. We may critique based on attendance, but seldom do we review it with intentionality. Use these questions to evaluate your church’s worship service this past weekend—including evaluating whether you chose to truly worship.

Leaders: Don’t Miss the Power of Symbols in Your Church

Leaders who neglect symbols miss a vital opportunity to influence followers and understand why people think and act the way they do. Likewise, pastors who neglect symbols miss an entire frame of meaning in their congregations. So how are symbols powerful in the church? What about them adds gravity to…

12 Post-Pandemic Worship Service Questions

Some of those previous worship service elements we thought we couldn’t live without, we did. So, how do we determine what we should or shouldn’t reintegrate again in the future?

50 Bible Verses on Praise & Worship

The Bible mentions praise and worship thousands of times. Jesus said that God is looking for worshippers. May these Bible verses deepen your personal worship of God and give you a foundation to seek after Him.

4 Quick Wins for Online Ministry

It’s easy to feel like a deer in the headlights when it comes to figuring out how to ‘do’ online ministry effectively. Here are some ideas designed to give you some direction on things you can action immediately.

23 Top Churches on YouTube

With so many people using YouTube every day, that’s where churches have the greatest opportunities to have a presence, to be salt and light in the world, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Role of a Worship Pastor

Worship Pastor’s have a lot of responsibilities, but what is the actual role of a Worship Pastor? Matt McCoy from Loop Community and Worship Pastor & author Zac Hicks sat down to discuss it!

Question: Is Your Church A Worshiping Church?

This week, assess your church’s health by using these questions to evaluate your church’s approach to each of the purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, prayer, and fellowship.

The Importance of Song Selection

As worship leaders, it’s important to choose the songs we’re adding to our setlists with thoughtfulness and care. It’s not always best to choose the newest song or most popular song.


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