Church Live Streaming vs Online Campus

Some churches started live streaming their services for the very first time. In March, Facebook and other video providers struggled to keep up with the bandwidth demands of so many churches live streaming simultaneously. But now, at the end of the year, what have we learned?

Seven Reasons You Must Not Abandon Your Online Services

As churches return to in-person gatherings, they are abandoning their digital and streaming services. It’s a mistake. It’s a big mistake. Here are seven reasons why we believe strongly your church must continue to emphasize and invest in digital and streaming services.

Church Livestreaming 101

If your church has suddenly been thrust into the world of livestreaming and you find yourself utterly confused by its intricacies — such as the difference between encoders, switchers, SDI, HDMI, etc. — then this session is for you.

Rediscovering Worship’s Role In Church Life

A church planter says his leadership team is practicing “decentralized discipleship,” providing opportunities for folks to bless each other in small “huddles” on back porches (or ZOOM). He now sees Sunday worship as a time to strengthen the opportunities for such decentralized discipleship.

Sing Me Into Heaven

The purpose of our worship-service music isn’t to prepare our hearts for something else. It doesn’t just set the table for the sermon.

SOLVED: Live Stream Sounds Dull

When your live stream makes it to Facebook, YouTube, or wherever it’s going, it tends to sound a little dull. And this can be perplexing because it sounded just fine in the headphones coming out of your mixer. So, let’s get this fixed.

7 Habits That Every Church Creative Should Pick Up This Year

Even the most passionate creatives can grow weary every once in a while. The tasks that you once loved at church start to feel burdensome. If you’re having these feelings, don’t worry. You can sharpen your creativity and get your edge back by picking up some new habits this year.

SOLVED: Live Stream Not Loud Enough

One of the biggest challenges with a live stream mix is that it is not loud enough. You’ve likely dealt with this problem, so let’s solve it once and for all.


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