Punctuation and Worship Projection

Adding punctuation to our projected worship song text offers road signs and symbols that help frame the rhythm, flow, and phrasing of the story or poem we are singing.

Avoiding Burnout

As a church volunteer or staff member, a lot is expected of you. And if you don’t set some boundaries, you’ll find yourself resenting the fact that you ever got involved in the first place. In this video, Chad Kirkpatrick (of Ascension Worship) joins Collaborate Worship to talk about how…

A Christmas Gift Guide for the Worship Pastor

By Shannon Lewis Some people are simply harder to buy for than others, & as a Creative & a Worship Leader I admit that I’m one of those people. Folks like myself love gifts that help us more effectively be who we are. I’ve compiled a collection of unique, fun,…

3 Points of Focus for the Christmas Production Season

It’s the time of year when music ministries in many churches go into another gear. Those lingering days of November bleed into December and the countdown clock to the Christmas programs at church are staring us down. It can be a wonderful time, or an awful one. Here are three…

8 Reasons Pastors Should Look Forward To The Christmas Season

It’s officially the Christmas season. In past years, I’ve written about why the Christmas season can be a stressful one for pastors. This year, I am reminded in my role as an interim pastor of the joys of leading a church in the Christmas season. Here are some of the…

Pushing All In On Red

I know what you’re thinking. “What a great Christian T-shirt slogan if it were still the 90’s! I’d print up a thousand of those bad boys with a picture of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and proselytize on the street corners of Vegas. The masses of gambling addicts who’d…

Christmas/Advent Survival Kit 2021

Here are a few resources to help you with your celebration of Advent. Some will help you in your worship planning; others will help you in your church and family devotionals.

Lighting Up Advent: Three Sets of Scripture Readings

Many congregations invite individuals or families to read Scripture and light candles in an Advent wreath at the beginning of Advent services. The readings provided here are correlated with the Scripture readings in the Revised Common Lectionary.

6 Ways Used Pro Audio Gear is the Best Choice

Since many churches are quickly upgrading gear, you’d likely be able to access affordable pro audio gear on a budget. Everyone knows pre-owned equipment is more economical, but you may be surprised by just how many other benefits a used set can offer.

Top Christmas Worship Songs 2021 [with Tutorials]

Making an incredible Christmas experience for your congregation requires a lot of details, so we put this list together to help ease that amount of work. Here on this list you’ll see Old Christmas classics, modern new worship songs, & generic Christmas worship songs that perfectly fit the message of…

Two Ways Social Media is Changing

Social media is changing, but that’s nothing new. Facebook along with all of the social media companies will continue to find ways to get your attention and get you to share your life online. The question is, how will you prepare your church to disciple those who are online as…

Preparing A Call To Worship: How & Why

The corporate worship gathering is such a vital part of the weekly rhythm within the body of Christ. From prayer to preaching and lifting our voices in song, it is so important as worship leaders that we are intentional with our planning in order that our services help point our…


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