10 Essential Things to Know About CCLI

The name “CCLI” (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.) probably rings a bell if you’ve been involved in worship media or worship ministry for any amount of time. For most pastors, worship leaders, or media team members, CCLI may be generally known but only vaguely understood. So let’s dive in and look…

Why Consumer Church Members Leave Your Church

“I’m not getting fed.” It’s one of the most common complaints of church members looking for excuses to leave a church. The gripe is that the pastor’s sermons are not providing the person adequate spiritual growth. And most of the time it’s baloney.

Optimizing Your Church Website For First-Time Guests

From the eyes of a first-time guest, church websites often suffer from a lack of content updates (except the regular sermon upload) and feel outdated. Other churches add events and articles geared toward the congregation with little information to help someone interested in visiting.

5 Crucial Tips To Help Build A Social Media Team For Your Church

We know that social media can make a huge difference in church growth, but let’s be honest – it can be difficult to find enough time to maintain a thriving social presence for your ministry. So how are all of these other churches pulling this off?

Worship Leader Ageism

Ageism has impacted most of us serving in worship leadership. Forced termination or demotion as a result of the ageism epidemic reminds us that where we serve is not always ours to control. So, what can we do that will allow us to continue?

5 Ideas For Mother’s Day Videos And Graphics

Mom’s get their children dressed, fed, and in the car to get to church on time (well, close to on time at least) week after week. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate all that mothers do for their children and the unconditional love they freely give. If you’re still reeling from…

PODCAST: Church Real Estate Lessons with Andy Wood

Many times in ministry, the thing that should be an obstacle actually can become an opportunity if we think about it differently. Listen in as Andy Wood brings up some key points in this weeks podcast.

3 Things To Look For When Recruiting New Production Volunteers

Volunteers are essential for church production teams. Since we usually have more work to do than we have staff to do it, volunteers boost our effectiveness, lighten the load, and significantly increase our impact. The best part is they do it because they believe in the cause and want to…

Recruiting Tech Team Members with James Wasem

One of the most challenging things about church sound is recruiting volunteers. We like to blame it on the overwhelming complexity, But most times we are shooting ourselves in the foot by running people off without even realizing it.

5 Ways to Revive The Worship Songs You’ve Overplayed

What a Beautiful Name, This is Amazing Grace, Waymaker, Build My Life, Great Are You, Lord… only a few of the many songs our churches have completely exhausted! I’m sure you identify with this: 1) A new AMAZING worship song comes out and you decide to start leading it at…

WPSermons: A better sermon plug-in for WordPress?

Tapes. That’s what folks used to hand-deliver to the house-bound church members. It’s no surprising that sharing church sermons continues to be a key function for many church tech teams. But as technology continues to evolve, the way we share sermons has to as well.

2 Ways To Increase Summer Giving

While we love the warmer weather that summer brings, church leaders tend to dread a decrease in giving. More families on vacation lead to a drop in attendance and therefore, less giving. Thankfully, there are ways to increase summer giving and beat the summer giving slump.

PODCAST: Loving the Church You Serve with Carl Kuhl

When planting a new church, many leaders are tempted to copy culture from other churches and then create systems of their own. In reality we need to do just the opposite. Listen in as Carl shares some ways to help your church discover its culture and stay true to it.


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