20 Scriptures to Pray as Worship

If you’re anything like me, you could use these 20 Scriptures to pray as worship as your prayers can quickly digress into little more than a list of needs and wants.

10 Things Every Worship Leader Should Do Before the Service

Unfortunately, worship leaders often have the disadvantage of singing first thing in the morning, which is almost never the best time to sing. Take some time before the service and before the rehearsal to warm your voice up.

What Should You Do With An Older Worship Leader?

The “Trying-Too-Hard” Worship Leader knows he’s getting older and is desperately trying to stay relevant—even to the point where it’s sadly comical. He introduces the new songs and tries to keep up on the latest styles—both with music and fashion. But none of it seems genuine. (Especially the bad dye…

Childish Responses to Worship Change

Worship should cause us to be curious, fascinated, surprised and captivated. Children radiate these characteristics, we seldom do. Wide-eyed worship wonder has been replaced by the controlled and scripted.

What Do Congregations Really Want from Worship Leaders?

Congregants bring a wide variety of preferences in style, and perceived understandings, to worship. For some, music is not their primary language of communication with God. Worship leaders need to navigate these choppy waters with sensitivity.

How Worship Becomes Noisy and Empty

The Book of Amos depicts an interesting problem. The problem is not that God’s people don’t worship. The problem is that they still consider themselves the people of God when their worship is hollow. Their worship has become nothing more than an irritating sound to God.

The Power Of Sound … Guys

PODCAST: Chris Clayton explains the minds of some of your most important members … the sound team.

5 Tips For Productive Worship Rehearsals

What is call time versus start time? If your goal is to literally start at 7:00 pm but your backing singers are standing around for 27 minutes waiting for your guitar player to replug his pedal board, then you will experience mounting frustration.

How to Regain the Joy of Ministry

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Whenever I have to deal with a difficult problem in my church, I contemplate doing something else with my life. Ministry just doesn’t seem worth it. I could get a job making more money with far less headaches far away from these people who…

Seven Summer Tips For Worship Leaders

You’ve made it through another school year, which includes the epic Christmas and Easter holidays that typically swamp worship leaders. But now, for most churches and worship ministries, summer brings a bit of a lull.

99 Worship Interview Questions

Are you going to be interviewed for a worship position? Any job interview can be unnerving. Here are 99 great questions to think through, to help you prepare for that important interview.

Worship Music Doesn’t Just Set the Table

Some believe the purpose of our worship service music is just to set the table. But the goal of our service music isn’t just to prepare our hearts for something else. It’s not the undercard before the main event. It isn’t the warm-up band before the headliner. So it doesn’t…


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