How to Coach Your Congregation to Be Worshipers

The church needs to learn how to worship. New converts need to step into the discipline of praise and lifting up their voice, declaring the promises of God. Worship is warfare and our churches need training.

God Made Us to Gather

When we sing God’s praise together, he is exalted more highly than if we do it alone. His inherent glory doesn’t change, but the manifestation of it does. It’s the difference between playing a basketball championship in an empty arena (not such a strange thought these days), and playing the…

Seize This Worship Moment

This is a unique, irreplaceable, remarkable, and unforgettable window in worship history – my worship history, your worship history, your church’s worship history, and in the world’s worship history across the globe and across time.

Economize: Worship Service Verbal Transitions

If churches have learned anything during these last few months of online worship services it is that words and music had to be synthesized. A succinct, refined, and consolidated economy of sermons and songs was necessary since the service time online was abbreviated and attention spans were diminished. Those lessons…

7 Ways to Overcome Your Church’s Spectator Crisis

For her entire existence, the church has battled against a spectator mentality among congregants. Now that churches across the globe have been forced to fit their worship gatherings into a live-streamed computer screen, what once was a challenge is quickly becoming a crisis.

Why You Should Be Singing Old Songs

If you’ve been a worship leader for more than two weeks you’ve likely had this question. It’s rarely asked in a sincere tone and usually comes with a sting of harsh judgment.

What To Do With Your Choir During These Days

During this season of social distancing and prohibitions on normal choir activity, worship leaders are seeking ways to keep their choirs together and involved in ministry.

Questions About Streaming Copyright

There have been many questions on social media about copyright for streaming or posting on YouTube your church services and other church events where music is performed, and hopefully this will give you some answers with regards to what’s required and available.

Making a Zoom Virtual Background

The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. This feature works best with a green screen and uniform lighting, to allow Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background.

Hybrid Worship During Covid-19 And Beyond

Most churches across the country have found themselves in an unprecedented scenario. One no one could have foreseen and one for which no seminary education could have prepared for. Churches had to learn how to minister to people solely through live stream technology on Sundays and Zoom meetings throughout the…


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