Eleven Modern Worship Songs For A World In Chaos

During good times, these songs are lovely to sing together. During times of chaos, these songs take on new meaning as a lifeline to calm anxiety and help us fix our eyes on things that are true.

An Efficient Easter Rehearsal Plan

The next couple of weeks are probably going to be intense for a lot of you. And one of the challenges is fitting in an orchestral rehearsal during Holy Week.

The Pros and Cons of Using Backing Tracks In Worship

When it comes to live worship music, the introduction of the drummer’s click track transformed the sound of worship songs. And the wheel has turned again with backing and multi tracks used alongside, or instead of, live worship bands.

Switching to In-Ear Monitors on a Budget

Using In-Ears, each band member can have a unique mix where they are slightly louder than the rest of the band which fixes the ‘can you turn me up in the monitors’ problem.

Proper Audio for Streaming Services

In order to get a separate mix for streaming using the same audio console (that is also being used for the live mix,) you will need a few stereo mix buses that you can route individual inputs to and vary the level and pan.

7-Step Plan For Easter Guest Follow-up

Easter celebrates the very foundation of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Look past the bunnies and chocolates. The pews at your church might suddenly be packed with unfamiliar faces compelled to connect—or reconnect—with the story of this miraculous act that exemplifies God’s love for mankind.

Things Our Worship Pastors Wish We Knew

Worship pastors know that a culture of expendability is often just as prevalent in church life as it is in the business world. So, to keep from losing their ministry positions, save face with their congregation or protect the financial security of their family, worship pastors often bear a heavy…


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