8 Easy Ways To Blow It In This Next Season Of Ministry

When change is as profound and disruptive as what we’re going through right now, this next season isn’t a finish line, it’s a start line. Right now, every church is a startup and if you see it that way, you can advance your mission. There are so many people to…

Five Early Findings from Churches That Are Regathering

While we are not yet seeing even half of the churches open, more are added each week. It thus behooves us to get these early reports. Those that are open will be making adjustments. Those that are not yet opened can plan accordingly.

Singing in Regathered Worship: Want or Need?

Because of limited space and congregational demographics some churches will determine it is best not to sing chorally or maybe even congregationally for a while. Worship leaders in those churches will, consequently, have to educate, reeducate, enlighten, and exhort their congregations that worship without singing doesn’t have to be inferior,…

Five Unintended Consequences Of Worshipping From Home

We certainly didn’t choose this season of worshipping from home. But most of us have unintentionally learned some valuable lessons that should influence how we do gathered worship on the other side of this crisis.

In-Person Attendance V. Online Attendance

The early indications are that in-person church attendance is lower than anyone expected. Most leaders I connect with who have reopened public worship say they are seeing between 10-40% of their former in-person attendance.

How Can Social Distanced Worship Be Good?

Even before the COVID-19 physical shutdown of gathered worship services, congregations were constantly trying to discover and create good worship. But as congregations are starting to regather with new limitation guidelines, those conversation of “what is good worship” in this new reality have radically changed.

Church Live Stream Fails

PODCAST: Like mostly everyone else, we had to switch to 100% online services at our church when COVID-19 quarantine went into effect. Safe to say we had a few mishaps… but we figured it out along the way. In this podcast, we talk about what went wrong with our live…

Where Is Future Church Attendance Heading? 10 Questions. 10 Hunches.

Talk to any church leader over the last decade, and they’ll tell you it feels more challenging than ever to get people to come to church on a Sunday. Talk to any leader who is reopening his or her church, and they’ll tell you it’s even harder now. Current in-person…

Connecting Church Communities Through Video

Churches and ministry leaders can enrich their sense of community with a multifaceted media center. Powered by a versatile video platform, establishing an online presence can improve visibility and increase engagement amongst church members.

How Covid-19 Will Change Churches Long-Term

The need to stay home will come to an end in the coming weeks. As that occurs, will church leaders carry forward any of the practices developed during this time of social distancing?

Before You Pick up a Microphone

The next time you walk onto a stage and start to pick up a microphone, make sure you have put it – and everything else – down first.


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