3 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Worship Team Members

A big part of our job as pastors is to learn how to steward broken people. Doing this as Jesus heals them, while minimizing opportunities for them to further wound one another – or us – in the meantime. But how do we deal with people who are difficult, disruptive,…

What Does A Full-Time Worship Pastor Do?

People often don’t understand what goes into their Sunday morning worship each week. What does a full-time worship pastor do the rest of the week?

Praying More Confidently While Leading Worship

There’s always that one person who seems to know exactly what to pray for, exactly how to say it, and could go on and on for eternity speaking to God (and sometimes it feels like they do). How do they do it?

How to Craft a Compelling Call to Worship

How a worship leader starts a service is revealing. What we say off the top sets the tone for the entire service. The first words out of our mouth indicate why we’ve gathered and instruct us all on what we’ve come to do.

Yes, Worship Service Announcements Are Important

Church leaders may provide several ways to communicate to the congregation. Many people will hear; some may not. But announcements that are vital to the vision and life of the church need to come from the pastor.

9 Must-Have Things For The Church Media Tech Booth on Sundays

The church media tech booth is a very important part of the Sunday morning service. It’s where the slides and videos are projected, the sound is controlled, and the lights are set. In the church media tech booth, we have a lot of responsibilities. In this article, I’m going to…

The Process of Lament

No sanitized prayers enter this space. God wants it all and wants nothing held back. Lament starts to look familiar—it sounds and feels just like prayer, but honest prayer.

Top 12 Songs for Your Communion Worship Service

Today’s worship leaders and teams have many choices on how to approach communion worship services and even selecting fitting songs for them. So we’ve gathered the top 12 songs for your communion worship service to help you provide an engaging and immersive experience for your congregation as they participate in…

How to Create a Powerful, Coordinated Communion Service

The communion service is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the heart of our faith, the depth of our sin, and the sacrifice of Christ to atone for it. It is a unifying event for believers, and a wonderful testimony to seekers. As we celebrate communion, it is an intentional…


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