Five Ways To Improve Your Livestream Mix

People wonder why their livestream mix doesn’t sound like the mix in the room. It’s because your mix needs are different.  Here are the five areas to consider.

Three Ways to Improve Your Worship Planning

It really matters how you approach planning a service. If you think about songs alone, you could easily plan a service that starts and stops without any obvious connection.

Ditch Your Drum Shield!

VIDEO: Getting great sound in an untreated gymnasium is nearly impossible. So, why do we put the loudest instrument behind a highly reflective shield?

3 Common Live Stream Mistakes Your Church Can Avoid In 2021

Live streaming is a powerful tool for digital discipleship, yet many churches are making common live stream mistakes without even knowing. Let’s walk through the most common mistakes—and what to do about them—so you can make sure your live stream is taking every opportunity to draw people closer.

How Expensive A Camera Do You Need For Good Video?

The gear doesn’t matter, right? It’s a bit of cliché but that’s for good reason. We can end up using lack of gear as an excuse either for not creating something or explaining away someone else’s success. – Maybe you don’t need an expensive camera to make a good video.

How To Introduce New Worship Songs

Introducing new songs can kill worship. Here are nine ways to help your congregation become familiar with and sing the new songs you introduce to them

5 Clever Church Newsletter Alternatives To Use In 2021

Are you still publishing a church newsletter? Or has it become too labor-intensive and expensive? In this article, we’ll cover some clever church newsletter alternatives that you’ll be able to start using as soon as today.


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