New Survey On Impact Of COVID-19 On Churches

Ministry Brands recently released findings from a survey regarding the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Over 1,400 church leaders from across the country responded to the survey.

How to Design Amazing Sermon Slides

When used correctly, sermon slides will turn a good sermon into a great sermon. Slides give your message an air of quality, preparation, and memorable moments for your congregation to latch onto. Here are a few easy to follow rules that will make your slides amazing.

Engage Your Choir With A Virtual/Live Hybrid Experience

With all of the COVID restrictions to keep our choirs safe and the news of outbreaks in choirs, we might want to throw up our hands and say we just have to wait this out to engage our choirs in worship ministry.

California County Sues Church to Stop Indoor Services

A California county government is suing a prominent San Jose church, seeking a court injunction that would prevent the pastor and members from worshiping indoors in violation of Covid-19 health restrictions.

Regathered Worship: Laying Down Self

Most churches are trying to figure out how to safely gather in person again after a couple of months of online services. Leaders and congregants are realizing how they gather, how many they gather with and what they offer as they gather won’t look the same as it did before.

9 Things To Do When God’s People Frustrate You

It happens. In fact, it might have happened for you this past weekend. The people of God can be problematic at times, and we get frustrated with each other. Here are some options when that’s your situation.

Few Churches Back to Pre-COVID Attendance Levels

The vast majority of U.S. Protestant churches say they are holding in-person services, but churchgoers have yet to attend in the numbers they did before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Seven Keys to Leading and Managing Virtual Workers

While the WFA (work from anywhere) movement was growing before COVID, it exploded in growth during the pandemic. For many workers, virtual work was no longer an option. Workers often struggled to adjust to this new reality.

6 Questions To Ask Every Church AV Contractor

Technology serves an important role in just about every church, especially when it comes to audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems. In this article, James Wasem provides 6 questions to ask every church AV contractor


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