4 Questions to Ask Now to Be More Fruitful in 2021

What are we currently doing that is producing fruit? What ministries have been effective. Where is spiritual growth happening? Create a list of these ministries and the fruit they have produced over the past year.

Piano Rake

Learning keyboard? Here’s a nifty thing that helps beginners learn keyboard keys.

Top 100 Christmas Worship Songs Of All Time

Here are the top 100 Christmas worship songs of all time. This list was created to take into consideration well-loved favorites plus new songs released this Christmas season.

Why Millennials Aren’t Watching Your Streamed Worship Services

Over the last few months, church leaders have expressed that they are struggling in their ministry to younger adult generations. In light of this, Barna president David Kinnaman and Director of Insights Mark Matlock sat down to review what research tells us about these age groups, seeking to offer actionable…

9 Things Re-Gathered Churches Are Realizing

Churches do a lot of “stuff” that doesn’t matter much – except that we’ve always done them that way. Now, we’re being pushed to focus on what matters.

What To Do With Your Choir During These Days

During this season of social distancing and prohibitions on normal choir activity, worship leaders are seeking ways to keep their choirs together and involved in ministry.

PODCAST: How To Grow In Online Engagement

So much has changed since COVID hit, and Greg Atkinson shares best and worst practices for engaging online and in-person guests, how to move attenders into engagers, and how to best deal with trolls and other people who threaten to take you off mission.


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