How Streaming Impacts Your Ministry

PODCAST: Listen as Craig Adams discusses navigating digital streaming providers – from live streaming and licenses, to using playlists to get your congregation and choir more involved with the worship songs your church is singing.

Could Live Streaming Kill The Church?

In addressing upcoming church trends, Carey Nieuwhof mentions that after his church started a live stream they ended up with more online attendees than in-person attendees. Live streaming didn’t kill the church, but it did make them pause to consider how best to reach those online attendees.

Worship Leader’s Guide to Creating A Healthy Team

A team’s success and failure rises on the health of its culture and how well it’s protected. But you can’t protect a culture if it hasn’t been defined. And you can’t truly lead unless you’ve defined what you’re leading towards.

3 Ways to Still Have a Team After Easter

Your volunteers worked countless hours (your staff, too). Take the time to write out ‘Thank You’ notes to each and every one of them. If you have the budget, include a gift card in the note to them.

How Hillsong Leads Teams

Leaders have people who follow them, while managers have people who work for them; this is about culture. Leading a team and managing a team are two different things.

Five Ways Pastors Can Keep a Healthy Schedule

Do you know which pastors struggle the most with burn out? It’s actually not pastors of large churches. It’s pastors of small churches. If you’ve ever pastored a small church you understand why. You’re expected to be everywhere and take care of everything.

Pulling Out All the Stops

Sound and light in worship services excite our God-created sensory systems. While some worshipers welcome them, they could make others feel uncomfortable.

What Pastors Need To Do When They Are Deeply Hurt

PODCAST: Pastors often are hurt by church members or church circumstances. Thom Rainer discusses how to deal with this hurt and why you shouldn’t just throw in the towel at the first sign of hurt.

Why It’s Important to Have New Worship Songs

It’s not easy for most churches to attempt new songs. Whether it’s 1890 or 2017, people have not changed all that much. Even so, there are some good reasons to question whether doing a new song is appropriate.


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