5 Misbeliefs When Running Tracks (ft. Worship Together)

Loop Community Founder Matt McCoy sat down with Terryl Padilla from Worship Together to talk about the five misbeliefs & misconceptions that many people have about running tracks, and tips for how to solve them.

Multigenerational Worship

While starting children’s services may have been (and perhaps still is) a noble attempt to help educate children in the faith at their developmental level with programming that helps children learn and worship, the result has been age segregation in the church, not just in during the “Sunday school” hour…

3 Top Mistakes Found On Church Home Pages

Regarding website design, churches often make common mistakes that cost them dearly in terms of lost visitors. In order to have a user-friendly website for your church, you need to make sure to avoid the following three common mistakes.

A Theology Of Technology For Worship Teams

This is Zac Hicks’ keynote presentation from the November 2021 Churchfront Live event. Zac’s presentation contains helpful information and advice for everyone that is involved in worship ministry. Zac discusses how to bridge the gap between technology and theology, and he gives us wisdom on how to balance both in…

10 Ways To Improve Your Worship Leading

Worship leading is a great privilege and challenge. It is great to be able to point people to God through worship. Learn to grow in your singing, playing and leading. Learn to hear God’s Spirit as you lead.

Keeping Your Worship Rehearsals Fresh And Exciting

Has your worship team rehearsal time become stale? There’s nothing wrong with having a routine – it’s actually the healthiest way to sustainably pour into your worship team. However, there are powerful moments to be had when we intentionally step OUTSIDE of the same pattern.

Beyond Worship Wars 2.0

Worship is so much more complicated and nuanced and important and rich! We cannot reduce it to the generalizations or categories of (old) hymns against newer modern songs, or youth v. seniors. Because even in trying to find labels (so we can find ourselves on one side or the other…


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