5 Reasons Why Some Churches Won’t Recover

As we encounter the reality of economic effects in the coming year, we’re going to see more churches close their doors than we have in any other period of modern history.

That Time I Found $10,000 in the Church Basement

Does your church have a storage space or closet filled with the church’s old music and production equipment? Is there a treasure dying a slow death in that room behind the stage? Toby Walters from offers advice. (more…)

If We Can’t Sing

Most of us have seen the articles, blog posts and videos this last week indicating the potential for a higher level of asymptomatic spread and aerosolization of COVID-19 through choral and congregational singing. The emotional responses from music and worship leaders run the gamut of fear and grief to outright…

4 Components To Reopening Church After Covid-19

Many churches are beginning to prepare to reopen for in-person services as their local authorities permit. With all the elements to manage, the idea of reopening can be exciting and overwhelming. As you consider how to safely welcome people back to church services, it’s important to have plans in place…

Tech, YouVersion, Resources, & You

PODCAST: As easy as it is to sometimes shrug and say that our resources are too limited or we don’t have enough time to do something, the truth is, it’s often times those limitations that are the catalyst for success.

Improving Your Online Worship Experiences

Watch the video of your service and see what went well and what needs improvement. Keep working to be the most engaging and compelling you can be with the greatest story ever told.

Reopening the Church: A Discussion on Leading After COVID-19

VIDEO/PODCAST: As we settle into the new norm COVID-19 has created for us, it’s time to think about what happens when our churches reopen. How can we begin to start preparing for operations after such an unprecedented change in the way we preach, gather, and worship?

Is the Digital Age Damaging The Church?

PODCAST: In Jay Kim’s bood “Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age” and during this conversation, he sheds light on how technology and the pursuit of relevance is damaging the church.


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