Marketplace Reopening Lessons for Your Church

PODCAST: There’s no doubt that the reopening phase at your church is going to include some of the most complex decisions you’ll ever make. The switch to fully digital a few months ago will look like an easy decision and simple process in comparison to what will come next.

Worship Planning: Should All Songs Point to the Pulpit?

What if instead of every song pointing thematically towards the message, your worship team could lead a meaningful time of worship through music, scripture, and prayer that prepared the congregation’s hearts to be open to the Holy Spirit— rather than their brains to be receptive to a theme?

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Your Church Needs a Confidence Monitor

It is the worship leader who will receive the most obvious benefit from using a confidence monitor, but it is also extraordinarily beneficial for the preaching pastor, welcome pastor, or anyone presenting in any way from the platform. As we work to lead well, confidence monitors are an invaluable tool…

Church Tech Budgets During COVID Fallout

PODCAST: COVID is bringing along with it economic turmoil in its wake. This ultimately affects church budgets — so what do you do about your church tech budgets? Should it be slashed? Should it be expanded? The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think.

Four Immediate Effects of COVID-19 on Your Church’s Communication

While we’re all hoping that we can return to some sort of normal in the next few months, there’s a high probability that some of the effects of Covid-19 will be permanent. The challenge will be for your church to be agile enough to adapt to these changes and propel…

Thinking About The New Normal After Covid-19

Church leaders have been scrambling to determine the best ways to be the church amid all this mess. Some, unfortunately, have simply turned off the lights and gone home to wait it out. Others are thriving as they redefine themselves in how to be the church with all these restrictions.…

Should Your Church Be Podcasting?

Sharing the message of the gospel through podcasts is certainly an excellent idea that enables those with busy schedules to listen to the Word “on the go.”

Three Tips for Overcoming Leadership Fatigue

The worship leader role has taken on a very different meaning these past few months. Orchestrating song selection and volunteer coordination has taken a backseat to moving services online and crisis communications.

5 Reopening Phase Opportunities for Multisite Churches

PODCAST: The reopening phase will be more complex and difficult than the digital phase we all experienced. Multisite churches are uniquely positioned to navigate the transition to reopening well. Multisite churches are filled with both innovative leaders and flexible structures that allow them to capitalize on new opportunities for church…


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