How A Live Streaming Equipment Upgrade Expanded One Church’s Reach

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Redland Baptist Church in Maryland had no online video presence. When Volunteer IT Coordinator Matt Jenkins purchased new equipment he needed for online live streaming, he and his team opened a new door for online viewers to attend their services.

4 Thoughts on Christmas Services: Don’t Be Afraid to Play the Hits!

Tell the Christmas Story. Not the one with the leg lamp, the one with the virgin birth of the Savior of the world. People never get tired of hearing that story. I understand you’ve preached it every year for the past ten years. Preach it again. Get creative with it.…

PODCAST: How to Get a Fresh Start (Without Quitting Your Job)

Ministry can be a grind when “Sunday is always coming.” There’s no finish line. Every week brings another weekend. Yet, we believe God has placed us where we are for a reason. As we approach the end of this series, I wanted to provide a bit of a different perspective:…

VIDEO: How to Communicate with Drummers

Drummers pretty much have their own insider language. So, when you need the drummer to do something different, it can be tough to get on the same page. In this video, we let you into their secretive little world so you can communicate with them in a way they understand.

20 Best Christmas Worship Songs for the Year

Every year, the search for the perfect Christmas worship song setlist takes place. Sure, we always have our favorites that we love to throw into the rotation, but each year we have an opportunity to mix things up and sprinkle in something different.

The Quarter-Time Church Member: Five Observations

If your church is typical, over one-half of your members attend one out of four weeks or less. The decreasing commitment of church members to their local churches is possibly one of the greatest problems in our culture today. More than polarized politics. More than petty social media. More than…

5 Ways to Make a Small Team Sound Big

We’ve all watched videos of big churches with 15 people on stage and heard the albums with 30 tracks on every song. While that looks and sounds great, that’s not what the Sunday platform looks like for most of us. There are five ways you can make your worship team…


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