Top 3 Things All Church Sound Techs Should Know

So many of us got our start in audio by simply being a “warm body” that was willing to help. And what started as “just helping out” turned into a trial-by-fire method of learning how to run live sound and deal with all of the challenges associated with it.

The Ten Commandments of Worship Slides

Nothing is worse than being late on lyrics. It halts the worship of your people. We’ve all been there – you’re singing along and you’re two lines into the next slide before the operator advances to the next slide of lyrics.

Worship Wars: Volume Levels In Church Sound

Before sound techs and worship pastors can arrive at a positive solution for solving volume levels at church, it is important to cover some basic insights for acceptable and unacceptable volume ranges.

Don’t Move to Nashville

People who want to be artists and songwriters think they have to move to Nashville to follow God’s design for them. Moving there might be the single biggest mistake they could make.

Worship Distractions from Worship Leaders

Today’s power songs of worship often have a heavy beat featuring the toms of our drum set. For some reason, this groove makes us want to bounce on beats one and three.

So You’re a Worship Pastor. Now What?

Worship Pastors have been a “thing” for a lot of years, but you need to realize something. 50 years ago, this was unheard of. Full and part time pastors whose sole purpose is to serve the church in congregational singing and music was non-existent. Today, many would consider this role…

Sticky Songwriting

Songwriting tips from John Chisum – a veteran songwriter, publisher, and worship leader. He was VP of Publishing for Star Song Media and Director of Song Development & Copyright for Integrity Music.

The Complete Guide to Audio Compression

The average uncompressed vocal has a 40dB dynamic range. This is huge when it comes to live mixing and explains why you have such a hard time keeping vocals on top of the mix without getting too loud during the ‘belt it out’ moments.

Top 20 Worship Songs for the Summer

Summer worship songs are about so much more than catchy tunes and feel-good music. While there’s nothing wrong with catchy tunes and feel-good music, summer worship songs should lead us to the feet of Jesus. The lyrics should help us reflect on the character of God and overflow in our…

Is There Room for the Unexpected in Our Worship?

Has our worship become so planned and orchestrated that we no longer expect the amazing to happen? Are the gatherings we shepherd more controlled by our worship plan and the estimated time of each element, than by the moving of the Spirit?

Music And Video Copyright Infringement

PODCAST: Music copyright laws are in place to protect musicians and the original music owners. However, there are popular myths that churches have believed for years that have resulted in copyright infringement


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