Through the Valley

Mike Harland talks about the Service of Remembrance – a memorial to those who have died in the Lord.

3 Things Music Leaders Should Never Waste

If God sends someone to your ministry that has a specific talent, find a way to use it for the benefit of all. If you will be faithful to do this, you will never lack for people with talent to be attracted to your ministry. God will bless this more…

The Future of Multisite

PODCAST: Some of the churches who were early adopters and innovators at the beginning of the multisite movement are now at a place where they are looking to grow in new ways.

When You’re Tired Of Leading Worship

You’ve rehearsed with your team. Confirmed the service elements. Dialed in the Lyrics. Everyone else seems to be ready except you. It’s time to sing but you don’t want to open your mouth. It’s time to praise but there’s no strength to lift your hands.

50 Worship Leader Self-Evaluation Questions

As worship leaders we sometimes don’t consider evaluating our own leadership until we receive complaints about something we are or aren’t doing or singing. Consequently, when those criticisms occur our responses are usually defensive rather than corrective.

Mic Techniques for Vocalists: Frustrated? Why?

While many have told their singer the “what” and “how” of mic technique, rarely do they explain the why. Few give the singers a physical demonstration to show why it is so important.

How To Motivate Unmotivated Team Members

PODCAST: You might have all out slackers that need a kick in the tail. Or you might have solid team members who just need a little course correction.

Can We Sing “Their” Songs?

A powerful, amazing song is written, and we love it! It is Biblical and teaches something we want our people to know. We want to sing it and can’t wait for our church to sing it. Then, we do our research and discover that they wrote it. Oh, no!

So Many Hats, So Little Time

PODCAST: Church staff and those working for small ministries and nonprofits understand what it’s like to wear “many hats.” Youth Pastors responsible for the website, church secretaries deligated to care for Facebook — the list goes on.

How To Evaluate Songs For Worship

As you begin to select the songs that your church will sing, remember that people recall far more songs than they do Bible verses. Because of this, we need to realize the enormity of the our responsibility to select quality songs that reflect good theology.

Worship Planning: Are You Feeding Or Nourishing?

Are we trying to simply feed the congregation with a cool demonstration of our musical prowess, or are we looking to nourish them with lyrics that proclaim the Good News of the Gospel?


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