Your Church’s Fall 2021 Growth Opportunity

Fall 2021 represents an unprecedented opportunity for your church to invite more people to come to be a part of your community. Join the discussion on how to reach out to more families this coming Autumn.

Remember These 5 Tips When Planning Creative Elements For Your Church

Understandably, some people are hesitant about the idea of adding fun or creative elements to something as sacred as a church service. In the following article, Kendall Conner breaks down the meaning and importance of creative elements and how you can spread it throughout the church congregation.

What Does Your Font Say About Your Church?

We live in an age where it is not only possible to select terrific fonts and lettering for your church, it is downright easy. For that reason alone, there is no excuse for not giving attention to this meaningful way to represent your church and the Gospel.

Is Hallmark Planning Your Worship Services?

God has placed each one of our congregations in a unique cultural and national context. Worshipping while giving consideration to those contexts is one of the exciting challenges for a modern church. Join in as David W. Manner discusses how influential modern day organizations can be in our church services.

10 Service Ideas for the Creative Church

Let’s take a quick dive into a few ideas for creative elements for worship services, and even a few types of worship services themselves that your creative church can use to engage your congregation and reach your community.

The Secret To Post-Pandemic Success

The Pandemic was rough for everyone, but especially for church congregations. Many churches are struggling to get back on their feet. Here are a few helpful tips to help bring your church back to life in this post-pandemic era.

9 Gmail Tips That Will Help You Crush Efficiency

Email is a valuable tool, and yet it can often be a frustration for professionals all over the world. If your inbox looks more like “Inbox 5,000” than “Inbox Zero,” there is hope. These Gmail tips will equip you to effectively and efficiently manage your email.

Hospitality Can’t Take a Vacation

If you’re in charge of the guest services team at your church, chances are good that you are already feeling the pinch of summer. After a year like no other – and with lowering COVID numbers and rising vaccination rates – people are ready to escape the house and the…

PODCAST: Moving from Pre-Recorded Church Online to Live

Join in the discussion as JD Mason talks with us about how church online has evolved for Liberty Live Church since the pandemic and why they made the decision to transition to live, rather than prerecorded, broadcasts.


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