A Defense of Singing Songs from Hillsong

It is virtually impossible in our day to travel, shop, participate, or in some manner support groups or companies or individuals that don’t violate our biblical standards of truth and morality. If you choose to “cancel” everyone who differs with you on some matter of doctrine or ministry practice, out…

Preventing Church Volunteer Burnout [5 Tips From Church Techs]

Preventing church volunteer burnout is critical to the effectiveness of your ministry and the health of your team. We asked the church tech directors we know for their top tip for preventing burnout. Check out each tech director’s top tip to preventing church volunteer burnout.

5 Reasons You’re A Stressed-Out Worship Leader

As a worship leader, so much of your job is about meeting the urgent demands of Sunday (after Sunday after Sunday after Sunday). As a result, you neglect the important (but non-urgent) stuff that you know you need to get done.

Free Mother’s Day Resources

Not every church has the time, man power, or resources to make customized graphics for every holiday and sermon series. Fortunately, that’s okay! There are many websites out there that offer free and affordable graphics for churches to use.

Worn-Out Pastor…He Is Able

Many of you over the last two years have gone through or are still going through your hardest season of ministry ever. If you are still struggling and trying to catch your breath after that hard season, remember to take courage in the assurance that He Is Able.


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