The Secret To Mastering Any Worship Song

At some point in our lives, we’ve all encountered that one song. You know the song that I’m talking about… It’s the one that you get nervous about when you see it on the Planning Center setlist. It’s the one that no matter how many times you’ve practiced it, you…

6 Reasons To Have A Mid-Week Worship Rehearsal

When you only have an hour and a half before service to get five songs prepped and ready, there is very little time allotted for prayer, scripture, fellowship and discipleship.

Worship That Jumps the Shark

The idiom “Jump the Shark” originated from a 1977 episode of the sitcom “Happy Days” when a water skiing, leather jacket wearing Fonzie actually jumped over a shark.

Using Multitracks With Your Worship Team

Playing with a click gives everyone on the worship team a better sense of time. It will be challenging for some at the beginning, but it actually becomes quite freeing as everyone rises in their level of playing.

Four Trends For Churches In 2020

PODCAST: We are one month into 2020 and there is much we can learn about anticipated trends and how churches can begin to connect the dots and prepare for the future. While some trends you will expect, others will be new and our hope is that these four trends will…

Three More Trends For Churches In 2020

PODCAST: Thom and Sam continue their conversation from episode #610 examining major trends churches can anticipate and prepare for in the coming year.

Drink More Coffee with Senior Adults

When churches consider worship or programming changes without consulting senior adults it can often cause unnecessary transitional pain.

Review: ProPresenter 7 Worship Software

ProPresenter is the industry standard for church presentation software. If a church uses something other than PowerPoint, it’s most likely ProPresenter.


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